Netversity Announces Membership and Program Accreditation from CPD (UK)

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3 min readJan 8, 2024


Netversity International, a flagship initiative of the IBF Net Group is excited to announce its strategic membership of CPD (UK) under which all its certification courses are being accredited. With this move, the entire array of qualifications offered by Netversity are expected to earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points that enjoy recognition by global employers.

Netversity International officially announced its annual plan to develop over fifty courses to be administered online a couple of months back. “In a short span of less than ten weeks, we have been able to design and launch 20 (twenty) courses that would earn accreditation in the initial cycle. The process of development should continue at the same frenetic pace and we expect to achieve our golden target of 50-plus accredited courses in a record six months time, inshaAllah, asserts Dr. Mohammed Obaidullah, President Director of Netversity and Founder of the IBF Net Group.

“The portfolio of courses covers new areas such as, Islamic philanthropy, endowments, and volunteering; management and financing of Islamic humanitarian, development and not-for-profit projects focusing on a multitude of sustainable development goals including orphans and child care, social protection, women empowerment, climate change and environment. We also offer courses focusing on a wide range of interconnected areas within a halal economy, with Islamic perspectives as additional learning objectives,” says Dr. Obaidullah.

“We believe that the CPD (UK) accreditation will not only add value to our offerings but also enhance the professional growth of our learners. This move is expected to reinforce our commitment to delivering high-quality, industry-relevant learning solutions for the halal ecosystem,” he said.

In alignment with this new initiative, IBF Net aims to expand strategic partnerships with its existing university partners, including IPB University Indonesia, Manipal Globalnxt University Malaysia, and Tashkent University of Economics Uzbekistan. “The new Indonesian initiative — Kampus Merdeka — offers an excellent opportunity to university students from the country to earn professional credits in the field of Islamic economics, business, finance, and IT and enhance their global employability, while contributing to building a halal ecosystem in alignment with government priorities and policies,” said Mohammed Imad, CEO of Netversity.

“We have been organising knowledge-events in collaboration with our existing university partners. Now with the introduction of the Kampus Merdeka initiative, we are aggressively looking forward to forging new partnerships with the Indonesian universities, inshaAllah,” he said.

These new partnerships should further expand the reach and impact of Netversity courses, offering diverse learning opportunities to a broader audience. “The accreditation from CPD (UK) gives a major push in terms of expanding the market for Netversity courses, due to its recognition across industries, its value to professionals and employers, its global reach, and its role in meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring ongoing professional development,” says Imad.

About IBF Net: IBF Net is a leading provider of technology-based solutions for the Islamic economy. Its team of experts, with several decades of combined experience in Islamic economics, finance, and business, works with innovative businesses and companies to develop blockchain and AI based solutions that are also Shariah-compliant. The company understands the unique needs of the halal ecosystem and is committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet those needs.

About CPD (UK): The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation is widely recognized across various industries in the UK and globally. It serves as a mark of quality, commitment to ongoing learning, and adherence to professional standards. CPD accreditation not only enhances the credibility and career prospects of professionals but also provides a competitive advantage for training providers, ensuring the delivery of recognized and high-quality professional development opportunities.



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