IBF Net Announces $10,000 IBFX Bounty Program

IBF Net Group
3 min readDec 6, 2021


IBF Net: The Islamic Business and Finance Network is the maiden online community in the field created in the year 1999 for exchange of views among students, researchers, knowledge-seekers and professionals interested in this sunrise discipline.

Two decades later, this Network is being moved to the blockchain with an expansion of its mandate — from a forum for exchange of “views” to a meeting place for exchange of “values” facilitated through a pair of native tokens — IBF Exchange (IBFX) and IBF Esteem (IBFS).

With a mission to leverage research and technology for a halal ecosystem, it aims to enhance and strengthen its bondage with the IBF community through its IBFX Bounty Program.

  • Are a you a thought leader or a student or researcher in the Islamic business finance and technology space?
  • Are you a career professional in Islamic financial services industry with interests in development or technology?
  • Are you a social influencer with over 500+ followers on LinkedIn?

If the answer to ANY of the above questions is YES, you are welcome to participate in IBF Net’s $10,000 IBFX Bounty Program.

How to qualify for the $IBFX Bounties Program?

  1. You must become a member of IBF Net by registering at our portal here.
  2. You must activate your IBFX Wallet (at no cost to you) inside the portal.

Total bounty is $10,000 IBFX tokens which may be used for payment for intra-network and in-verse transactions. The bounty will be distributed among up to 500 selected participants every quarter based on their contribution towards building the network and referral.

You may contribute towards building the network by:

  • Sharing your publications — e-books, research papers, reports, monographs and presentations, video lectures, podcasts, and infographics with us for posting at the FREE E-Library of the Network
  • Responding to discussion threads at the Forum
  • Contributing blogs
  • Commenting on existing learning resources as above
  • Initiating discussion on various themes or sub-themes
  • And other innovative ways (we welcome your suggestions)

Note: The copyright of any material submitted by you to the network remains with you as the author. Email them as a word or PDF file to hello@ibfnet.my

Additionally, you may qualify for the $IBFX Bounties, if you:

Step 1: Follow @ibfnet at Twitter
Step 2: Like and Retweet this post
Step 3: Join our Telegram group
Step 4: Join our Linkedin page
Step 5: Invite or tag 5 friends on Linkedin

Make sure that you’ve followed all the steps above to qualify for the Bounties. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us on our social media platforms!



IBF Net Group

Leveraging Research and Technology for a Halal Ecosystem